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Submitted on
March 2, 2013
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First day in the prison...already its hell on earth. Its constantly on my mind...will I ever see Yelai and Blue again? Will I ever see them happy again? I can't stop thinking. The guards here never speak, its like they're scared by something. Like....they're paranoid that something will kill them if they say one word. Their eyes are always shadowy, showing no emotion. Although, they are at least 10 miles underground with 20 prisoners, who'd be happy here? So many questions fluttering about in my mind, it drives me crazy. Staying in a dull grey cell one. No one " alive " that is. Nobody but my thoughts and pieces of paper. Well...there is my cell mate Ruby, but she never talks. It seems shes lost in her thoughts too. The little time we had to talk has told me a lot about her. Shes a pony that was always abused by her mother and father. The only person that actually cared about her 10 years of her life was her brother. Hes in a cell just above his request. He can actually leave any day he wants, but she doesn't want to leave his dear sister. Ruby never really gained her cutie mark. Though, with one half of her life being abused and the other being in prison, what kind of talent could be found with that? Anyways, I only have but an hour to do anything here, me and Ruby always have to go to the surface and work our hooves off building small houses and creating prison designs. Thats the only time I can show my talent anymore, and even that doesn't let my mind soar. Speaking of that, me and her had made 31 houses for the child ponies that come. I love playing with them, although they're always paranoid that I'd punch them since Im a prisoner. Quite honestly, I don't think I belong here. Just because I was roaming on their territory doesn't mean I have to be trapped here. Ugh...I have to go now. Hour is almost up. Write tomorrow.

-Catty, the unicorn going insane.
Catty's first entry in her journal writings. Already she isn't enjoying her time there. She even has a roommate named Ruby ( I'll draw her later ), but she never gets to talk to her.

Please don't be offended by this in any way, I don't wish to displease anyone by a story.

Edit 3 - 2 - 13: I REALIZE NOW I PUT " She doesn't want to leave his dear sister " OR SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES. PLEASE READ IT AS " HE " NOT " SHE " IM SO SORRY FOR THAT
SpectrumKitty Mar 2, 2013
omg, this is a wonderful story, I can't wait to hear more!
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